printing of magazinesLotos Poligrafia Printing House has extensive experience in magazine printing. For years, we have been printing weeklies, monthlies and bi-monthly trade and thematic magazines. We understand the needs and requirements of magazine publishers – we know how important high quality magazines and timely delivery are.

Trade and topical magazines are of enduring interest to readers and advertisers. They are an excellent communication tool for reaching readers who are also potential customers for the goods and services advertised in magazines.

Advertisements in trade and topical magazines require us to pay particularly high attention to print quality.
Our common goal – the publishers of trade and thematic magazines and us, the printers of such magazines – is to make it possible, in the digital age, to attract readers’ attention to the content provided in printed form on paper thanks to a professional appearance and an easy-to-read form.
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Why choose Lotos Poligrafia for magazine printing?

We are a printing house with many years of experience that specialises, among other things, in printing magazines, journals and catalogues. By choosing the services of Lotos Poligrafia printing house, you gain:

Excellent print quality: At Lotos Poligrafia, we use state-of-the-art sheetfed offset printing machines to ensure that your magazines have an exceptional quality of colour and detail in the illustrations and text. At the same time, offset printing is characterised by a high degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing print runs, so it is the ideal solution for trade magazine publishers who can select the precise print run for their magazines.

Professional advice and support at every stage of the order:
Every magazine printing order comes under the care of an individually assigned advisor-technologist and is handled by an experienced team of specialists who provide professional advice and support at every stage of the project. Our experts can, for example, help clients choose the right paper and type of print finishing. They help look for cost optimisations and, if required, also assist with graphic design and typesetting issues. This ensures that the entire magazine printing process runs smoothly and efficiently and that customers can count on the highest quality of service.

Fast lead times: Thanks to our advanced and efficient production technologies, as well as our good work organisation and proven procedures, we guarantee fast delivery of orders, regardless of their size and complexity.

Distribution assistance: employees of the Lotos Poligrafia printing works deliver the magazines to the distributors with their own transport. They also carry out subscriber mailing of the magazines according to the Publisher’s distributions after packing individual copies with address labels or waybills

Lotos Poligrafia – an environmentally conscious printing company

Out of concern for the environment, we use nature-friendly solutions in our production processes. The printing house uses ecological inks free of heavy metal compounds and papers produced from responsibly sourced, FSC-certified raw materials. This ensures that the magazine printing process is sustainable and reduces the negative impact on the environment.
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