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email: tel.: +48 22 872-22-66 fax: +48 22 872-22-68
The printing house is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
The office is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

How to prepare files?


In which file format should I deliver?

The works should be delivered in the form of closed files in formats:

  • PDF 1.2 to 1.6 (composite) – files cannot have layers and JPEG 2000 compression.
  • PDF/X-1a:2001, PDF/X-3 (composite)
  • Postscript level 2 or 3 (separated or composite)


In exceptional cases, we accept open files with attached fonts:

  • QuarkXPress 8
  • InDesign CS3 lub CS5

Working format

  • The work should be centered on the page.
  • The bleeds are 3 mm. They should be added from 4 sides, especially in the case of spiral binding.
  • The work should include cutting points, no other markers are needed.
  • The work cannot be done with layouts – the files should contain single pages, but not every page should be saved in a separate file – there can be one file for the whole work, or the work can be saved in parts in several files. The file name should contain page numbers. If there are vacancies among the pages, they should also be sent, in order to preserve the pagination order. Correction pages should have the name marked as a correction.


All fonts used in the work should be embedded in a document (or transformed into curves).



The indicated resolution of the photos should be 300 dpi (not less than 250 dpi and not more than 350 dpi).


Arrangement of graphic elements

  • Graphic elements such as text and trademarks should be no closer than 5 mm from the cutting line.
  • In glued luminaires, the first and last sides of the insert and the second and third sides of the cover will be glued together approx. 5 mm from the back side, which will cover the fragment of the image located there – this should be taken into account when placing there photos of combined or essential graphic elements and texts.
  • In the case of booklets with large volumes or high paper weight, the middle folds will be pushed out. At the stage of composition of central folders, the necessity of enlarging the external margin should be taken into account, while maintaining the page format, so that none of the important graphic elements will be cut off.


  • All elements should be recorded in CMYK color space. It is forbidden to leave RGB or LAB elements. Leaving additional colours (Pantone) is possible if it has been included in the offer and order.
  • Graphic elements must not contain ICC profiles.

Prints and selections

  • Black texts on a coloured background must be overprinted.
  • Black texts on metallic background (silver, gold) should have a knockout background.
  • Black texts should be prepared for printing in one black colour.
  • Black apples can have – to increase the black effect – one (not more) triad colour added, e.g. 60% of cyan.
  • The sum of the percentage of paint applied (inks) should not exceed 330% for coated papers and 280% for uncoated papers.

We accept the works:

  • on the ftp server:
  • by e-mail:
  • on CDs, DVDs and flash drives