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The printing house is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The office is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Dictionary of terms

Apla (Tinta)

Apla (Tinta) – A uniform background printed with light ink, on which text, illustrations and drawings are then printed with darker ink.


CMYK – a set of basic colors used in printing. As a result of their mixing, any other color can theoretically be obtained. This color model is a combination of the four basic colors: Cyan, MagentaYellowblacK.


CtP – Computer to Plate is a technology for preparing printing forms from the stage of processing files on a computer using dedicated software to create finished plates – printing forms on a production line consisting of a platesetter and a processor (exposure and development) in one continuous process.


Movable-type – a left-read representation of a letter or sign cast from a lead alloy, used until the 1980s. A term commonly confused with a font.


Printing – the process of making prints from a printing form using graphic inks. There are three basic techniques: relief, flat and gravure.

Offset printing

Offset printing – a variation of the flat printing technique, which consists in transferring the ink from the mold to the rubber cylinder and then onto the paper (indirect printing).

Digital printing

Digital Printing – digital printing techniques without the use of a printing form.


DTP – desktop publishing, the scope of work related to the preparation of materials for printing on a computer, incl. page design, typesetting and folding, applying corrections, preparing photos, preparing PDF files for printing.


Folding (breaking) a sheet of paper after printing in order to obtain a premium of the desired format with consecutive page numbering.


Font – colloquially: a typeface in digital form. A complete set of all alphabet letters, numbers, punctuation marks and special characters included in a typeface.

Printing form

Printing form – a straight or round metal or other material surface with a raised, concave or flat drawing, intended for printing;
relief printing column or set of columns intended for printing;
column for demolition, after printing, intended for the segregation of typesetting material into chests.


Size – dimensions of paper, books, composition columns;
an album format in which the width of the product is greater than its length;
print dimensions of the width and length in metric units of the sheet of paper to be printed;
typesetting dimensions of the typesetting team given in typographic measurement units;
standardized format of paper or cardboard established by the standard.


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Breaking (folding)

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Register mark

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