catalogue printingCatalogues are an ideal form of broader presentation of your company, its products, a place to present your price list and describe your business. Catalogues fulfil an extremely important role, as they are the company’s authentic and best business card. This type of printed advertising always works well for companies selling a large range of products or services, making it easier for customers to find specific products, check their specifications and make a purchasing decision.
In addition to its primary use, the catalogue can also be used in various other situations: as an advertisement for the company and its capabilities.

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The basic parameters for printing catalogues in our print shop.

Catalogues (measures) can be printed in full colour or only in black. We can produce them in different formats and on different paper. We will help you choose the right paper depending on the number and type of photos, graphic design, type of binding and how they are used. We recommend paper weights of 90 g/m2 -130 g/m2 for printing measures. But you can choose anything from 60 g/m2 to even 200 g/m2 .

The paper for the cover of the catalogue should be adapted to the thickness and size of the catalogue, the type of binding and the expected finishing. We suggest paper weights from 150 g/m2 to 300 g/m2 .

Why print catalogues?

The main advantage of a printed catalogue is that it is something we can ‘hold in our hands’. This is a much better and more interesting solution than presenting an offer online and allows the complete offer to be presented to people who do not use the Internet on a daily basis. In addition, such a product strengthens the bond between seller and customer and perfectly builds brand awareness.

Is it worth outsourcing catalogue printing to our print shop?

Our printing house approaches each project with complete professionalism and commitment. As soon as the customer provides us with files and instructions for the vision of the catalogues, we establish the parameters of the work, the most important of which is the adjustment of the paper weight for the pages inside the publication and for the covers. Our experienced staff then take care of the rest of the work using our state-of-the-art machinery. What’s more, we also focus on speed and precision, even with large print runs. Our customers can therefore be sure that the end results will meet their expectations. We focus on exceptional aesthetics and always strive to enhance the visual appeal of the catalogues we prepare. Our customers can choose from a variety of “finishing” techniques for offset prints, such as foiling, dispersion or UV selective varnishing, embossing or gilding. This makes catalogues even more eye-catching and memorable for potential customers or business partners. We are therefore proud to say that the offset catalogue printing we have to offer will meet the expectations of even the most demanding.

Catalogue printing using offset printing technology.

This method achieves spectacular results in terms of quality and colour reproduction, which become a priority when printing catalogues. They will testify to the image of the respective company and build it up effectively. At the same time, quality is not the only benefit of offset catalogue printing. Offset printing is a flexible technique and can be used for both low- and high-volume publications. It is worth noting that this method allows the colour palette to be extended to include special colours. This allows catalogues to be personalised even more effectively and tailored to the specific characteristics of a brand.
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