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Brochure printing

Brochure printingA handy and elegant form of advertising – that’s what advertising brochures are, and they can become part of your company’s visual identity. You can use them to promote not only your own brand, but also the goods and services you offer.


The greatest advantages of advertising brochures:

• the opportunity to present your offer combined with aesthetically pleasing and intriguing graphics that catch the eye;
• the ability to contain a lot of information in a condensed form;
• the ability to educate customers about your products and services;
• the creativity that characterises this promotional material. From the concept of an interesting layout and imaginative content, to the extensive possibilities of papers and finishing used.

These advantages make printed brochures an interesting addition to your company’s marketing strategy – regardless of the size of your business. Brochures are ‘physical’ material – Your customers will be able to take it with them and return to it at their leisure. Rest assured that brochure printing will help you build awareness of your brand and ensure that it is associated in a positive way. Brochures create a positive impression that the customer will get when they come into contact with your company. so if you’re looking for an unusual way to stand out from the competition, brochure printing is the perfect solution for you.

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How can you use printed brochures to promote your brand?

If you have already made the decision to make brochure printing an important part of your marketing strategy, then you need to use it properly. The truth is that a well printed brochure gives you unlimited opportunities to promote and create the right message. You can use them when:
• you want to launch new products or services;
• you want to promote special offers you have prepared;
• you want to build – effectively – your brand and its image;
• you want to provide your customers with detailed information about
your offer.

With brochures, you can present your brand profile and its history in an intriguing way. You can also expand and modify your company’s offerings while keeping your customers informed. So, as you can see for yourself, brochure printing will significantly boost your business and build customer interest.

Why opt for brochure printing at Lotos Poligrafia?

Do you want the brochure printing done to be professional and meet your expectations? Then our printing house – Lotos Poligrafia – will help you achieve your goals. The printing of brochures offered by us takes place using sheet-fed offset technology, thanks to which we have a guarantee of perfect reproduction of printed image details, additionally there is a possibility of selecting special colours (Pantone, HKS) and applying a wide range of print enhancements. We recommend the option of glued or stitched binding for your advertising brochures, and on request your brochure can also be in notebook form. We will make sure that your brochures are aesthetically pleasing and attract the attention of potential customers or business partners. Lotos Poligrafia Printing House is committed to speed and precision. Even with larger print runs, we won’t let you wait too long for your promotional brochures. Contact us and find out more about the services we offer!